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There are always many beautiful moments in our lives that we want to record with photos, a gorgeous wedding, a new baby memory, a fun-filled school year, an adventurous travel, a family gathering party, etc. We’ve kept so many beautiful photos in computer and really want to do something with it. Print favorite photos out and now the question come, how to choose the right photo album?

Here we’d like to explain the basic characteristics of different styles of photo albums, so you may have a more clear idea about what you would like to buy.
pocket style photo album

Pocket or Slip-in Style Photo Album

the pocke photo album is quite an easy and popular way of keeping photos. It contains clear plastic pockets on each page where you can slide the photos. You can write a note or memo on the back of the photo and take it out and exchange whenever you want. Pocket design prevent the photo from moisture and dust. But there is one limit that you should consider is the album and photo size. You should plan the photo size according to the pocket size or choose the right size album according to the size of the photos that you’d already printed. Also you may not be alble to make decorations on the pages.
self-adhesive photo album


Self Adhesive Photo Album:  

This kind of album consists of tranparent self-adhesive pages so you can attach your photos with no glue or corners required. The protective page can prevent the photos from damage. You can design the layout and add scrapbooking decorations with the photos, but after you pull back the adhesive film, you will not be able to move or exchange the photos.

scrapbooking album cover for wedding - heilasdiyalbum


Scrapbook Album:  

A scrapbook can also be used as a photo album with quite a creative and personalized style. You can stick the photos on the page with photo corner stickers, write special quotes and captions, add stickers, embellishments and memorabilia. There are many beautiful scrapbooking materials available for creation. Many of scrapbooks in our store are loose-leaf, free for adding and exchanging sheets when needed. Also some scrapbooks are designed with transparent PP bags to protect photos from damage. Scrapbook albums are ideal for various events and occasions. Although the handmade art work takes time and patience, it will be a great gift for the ones you care.

scrapbooking album sheets for love - heilasdiyalbum